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The St. Barnabas Family Welcomes You!

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church is a community of encouragement. More than 200 families call St. Barnabas their spiritual home. We care about one another, and our pastoral care ministries are a key component of belonging here. We welcome people in all walks of life, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, there is a place for you here in our community.​

Who We Are

St. Barnabas is a welcoming community of encouragement with engaged and caring parishioners. For almost 40 years, people living in Montgomery and surrounding neighborhoods have sought spiritual comfort and guidance from our church. It is not necessary to be baptized an Episcopalian in order to worship at St. Barnabas. Anyone is welcome to attend our services, regardless of religion or creed. Anyone baptized in the Christian faith is welcome to participate in the Holy Eucharist.​

Our Church

St. Barnabas is a traditional Episcopal Church derived from the church of England. We share the traditions of faith and order as set forth in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.

As Episcopalians, we find the fullest expression of Christianity in the Scriptures (the word of God at work among us), in the creeds (as ancient summaries of our beliefs), the sacraments (visible signs of inward and spiritual grace), and in our ministers.

We care deeply for our members. Music is in our DNA, and we share our musical gifts with our congregation and our local communities. We are a multi-generational congregation that values friendship and engages in social activities together. We are a servant church, guided by the needs of our communities to direct our outreach activities. Teamwork empowers our many ministries. We are called through our baptism to seek and serve Christ in all persons.

What We Believe

We believe that every person is a child of God, created in the image of God. We live out that image in a Christian community that supports and nurtures one another.

We gather week by week to hear and proclaim the word of God, thanking God for the gifts in our lives, and in prayer for God‘s wisdom and help in our lives. Worship of God is the foundation of our community; it is beautiful, dignified, and celebratory.

Episcopalians are liturgical, meaning our worship follows the order in the Book of Common Prayer. Each Sunday, we gather around a table with bread and wine to celebrate God's risen presence among us.


St. Barnabas is a friendly parish! We have greeters and ushers at every service and  a lively coffee hour after the service. Newcomers and those seeking a church home are welcome to join us for service and social time. All baptized Christians are welcome to participate in Holy Communion. ​

Mission Statement

Our mission is to seek and encourage deeper relationships with God and our neighbors by following the commandments of Jesus Christ in our daily lives, especially through spirit-inspired ministries in our communities.​


Our excellent music director/organist has an international reputation as a classical pianist, and has developed our Adult Choir into an integral part of our worship.  We also offer a Youth Choir and Handbell Choir.  We make a joyful noise every Sunday!

Our History

St. Barnabas was established in Montgomery, OH in 1980, and remains the only Episcopal church in the immediate vicinity. For the first 10 years, the fledgling congregation held services at the local Sycamore High School. Today, we have a beautiful building with a generous sanctuary - and a welcoming, generous group of parishioners!

In 1984, the congregation began planning for a land purchase and construction of a permanent church home. A number of potential sites were identified in the area and eventually, the congregation purchased two adjacent residential properties along Montgomery Road in 1987.  Construction of the building began in the fall of 1990. During construction, dedicated parishioners provided months of volunteer labor to save money and to add personal touches to the church building. The church building opened in the spring of 1991 and was dedicated by The Rt. Rev. William Black, Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Ohio, on St. Barnabas Day, 1991.

The original construction included the sanctuary, administrative wing, sacristynarthex, and an unfinished basement. Over the next six years, parish volunteers completed the undercroft, adding a nursery, classrooms, kitchen, and choir rooms.

By the mid-90s, church membership had grown, and a building addition was needed to house programs such as the Church School and youth programs. The addition, built in 2001, provided additional classrooms, choir rehearsal space, offices, and an additional fellowship hall.


In 2015, the leadership of St. Barnabas embarked upon a process they called “intentional transformation,” designed to actively plan and guide the church toward growth and a “program church” model (where members embrace and plan the many aspects of church life). As part of that process, the committee created an organizing model that includes many ministry areas.


Each area has an appointed Ministry Council Leader (MCL) who is charged with coordinating with the various ministries under its responsibility, setting a budget, monitoring success, and communicating about the work of the group. These leaders constantly seek parishioners who are called to participate in their areas of focus, building community within the church and often outside as well. Ministry Council Leaders serve 1-2 year staggered terms.

History (from Church profile)

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church was founded by Father George Hill in 1980. In December 1981 the first service was held at Sycamore High School, home to St. Barnabas for 10 years. 55 people were in attendance on the first Christmas Eve with that number growing to 70 by Easter. At the 1983 Diocesan Convention St. Barnabas was received as a parish of the Diocese with Father Hill as the founding rector.

Construction of a church home began in the fall of 1990. During construction dedicated parishioners provided months of volunteer labor to save money and to add personal touches to the church building. The church building opened in the spring of 1991 and was dedicated by the late Bishop William Black on St. Barnabas Day, 1991.


By the mid 1990s, church membership had grown rapidly requiring additional space to house the church programs. An addition was completed in 2001 providing more classrooms, a larger choir rehearsal space, a chapel and Columbarium, and a new multi-purpose fellowship hall.


In the spring of 2011 Father Hill announced his retirement from active ministry effective January 1, 2012. Following Father Hill’s retirement the congregation was led by Father John Keydel, an experienced interim priest. Concurrently, St. Barnabas embarked on a Process of Intentional Transformation to move from a pastoral church model to a program church model featuring increased lay leadership of church life.

In the spring of 2014 St Barnabas called the Reverend Dr. Nancy Turner Jones as our priest. “Pastor Nancy” led a renaissance at St Barnabas marked by an influx of young families with their fresh ideas and energy. This new generation of parishioners enthusiastically embraced leadership roles within the church. Under her leadership the parish revitalized the children’s programs and embraced the diversity of Montgomery and surrounding communities, attracting faithful parishioners from multiple ethnicities.

Early in 2020 Pastor Nancy announced her retirement effective August 2020. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the final months of Pastor Nancy’s ministry at St. Barnabas were conducted primarily via online streaming. In September 2020 the Reverend Joanna Leiserson joined the parish as Interim Rector.