Women's Virtual Retreat 2021

For the virtual retreat, we will be reading “Love is the Way” by Bishop Michael Curry.

Below are questions taken directly from the beginning of each chapter of the book. We will use these for discussion.

1. What is love?
2. How do I find God’s love?
3. How do I find the energy to keep loving when the world seems to be going the other way?
4. Can love really change the world?
5. Won’t loving everybody make me a doormat?
6. I’m just a regular person, so how can my love have an impact?
7. I’m told to love my neighbor, but who is my neighbor?
8. What if love reveals me to be a hypocrite?
9. Do I have to love even my enemy?
10. How can love overcome what divides us and move us forward together?
11. Does love mean avoiding politics?
12. How can love make “E Pluribus Unum” real in America without erasing anybody?

Additional questions for discussion:

a. Why is it often easier to love others than self?
b. Who is it most difficult for you to love?
c. What strategies/self talk do you use to "try" to love all neighbors?
d. Share a story of when you felt most loved - or most surprised by love.
e. If you have read the 5 Love Languages - what is each person's love language?

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