​May I receive Communion at St. Barnabas?

The center of our worship each week is the sacrament of Holy Eucharist (also known as Holy Communion or the Lord’s Supper).
In the Eucharist, we share in bread and wine in remembrance of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, just as Christ commanded at his Last Supper with his disciples. But we also experience the mystery of Christ’s presence among us here and now.

All baptized Christians, regardless of age or denomination are welcome to participate in the Eucharist. When you come to kneel at the altar you may choose how to receive the bread and wine. First, hold out your hand to receive the bread. Either hold the bread to dip in the cup that follows, or consume the bread and drink from the cup. If you abstain from wine, you may receive the bread only. Those who are not baptized or do not feel ready to receive communion are invited to come to the altar rail and ask the priest for a blessing. Gluten-free bread is also available; just let the priest know at the rail.

If you have mobility issues, you may of course stand at the altar instead of kneeling. You may also receive communion in the pews. Please let an usher know as you enter the service.

Intercessors stand near the pulpit during Communion and will offer healing prayer for yourself or a loved one if requested.