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2019 Budget—Good News Highlights

by Martha Seagram

Let’s celebrate God’s goodness and generosity as we give back a portion to him! Due to your generosity, these items were included in the budget:

  • $25,000 to Outreach (now part of operating budget)

  • $25,000 to capital reserve fund for future needs

  • Raises for staff and clergy

  • Much-needed new computer and software for financial administrator

  • New software and increased hours for communications director

  • Increases funded in Worship and Music, Education, Inreach, Strengthening Parish

  • New shelving and curriculum for new Godly Play room

  • New staff hired at no additional cost for Children and Youth (due to Slocomb’s reduced hours)

  • Hot water heater for kitchen plus additional $4,000 in facility maintenance

  • Background checks funded to comply with Safe Church guidelines

  • Volunteer sexton—time and talent are being offered to augment cleaning service

Stewardship is heart work—and we love you!!

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