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38th Annual Meeting Brings Good News and Youth Group Sells Lots of Chili

St. Barnabas’ 38th Annual Meeting took place, Sunday, Feb. 2, in the sanctuary. Veronique Hammons gave the Vestry report. With a few adjustments to the budget, the Vestry approved another balanced budget.

Mary Evelyn Hammond and Kathy Kugler were elected delegates to the 146th Diocesan Convention. The outgoing Vestry members, Class of 2017, John Ewalt, Zig Main, LaVerne Montgomery and Pam Skinner, were recognized by the congregation.

Bert Nelson, John Nolan, Tara Petit and Della Rucker were elected to the Vestry as the Class of 2020. (Photo below)

The annual report is filled with information about the parish activities and finances. If you didn’t get a copy at the annual meeting, stop by the office and pick one up. It is a wonderful picture of the work that goes on in this congregation in a year.

The Youth Group Chili Sale took place conveniently on Super Bowl Sunday. The photo above shows parishioner Barbara Burke purchasing her chili. Proceeds from the sale benefit the group's Mission Trip to Mountain T.O.P. (Tennessee Outreach Project).

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