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40 Crosses in 40 Days

Help us fill our Gallery wall with crosses that you have collected along your life's journey. We would love to have 40 Crosses in 40 Days to guide us as we walk the path through Lent to Easter.

Aaron Nishizaki - Cross made from the basketball court floor where his baptism took place.

Barbara Burke's Celtic pendant she bought on her travels.

Holding Cross

Cilla Bamford

Cilla Bamford

Cilla Bamford

Gift to St. Barnabas from Master Woodworker

Todd Nicholson

Deacon Pam Fairley

Rev. Jane's favorite cross from Jerusalem

Earline Fechter painted this cross after being inspired by the Godly Play Stories about crosses.

Earline's cross which hung in her mother's kitchen

Deacon Pam Fairley

Deacon Pam Fairley

This cross hangs on the wooden cabinetry in the Sacristy

This cross hangs on the door leading from the Sanctuary into the Sacristy

Crosses made by Dr. Bob Krone's father

A gift to Deacon Pam for her ordination

Southwest Cross from Barbara Burke

Keith and Mary Beth Standbridge found this cross in San Antonio and it reminded them of their honeymoon in Spain.

Crosses made by Joe Eggleston for our Acolytes to wear while serving on the Altar

If you would like to share your cross, simply bring your cross to church Gallery Wall. Fill out the paper or email Kara Shay Thomson to let us know which cross is yours and why it is meaningful to you.


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