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5th Annual Virtual Art Camp

by Erika McCoy & Margo Rapp

The first week of June should have been the 5th Annual St. Barnabas Art Camp. Our church should be bustling with activity -- volunteers and campers learning and playing together. We should have an army of incredible volunteers helping to guide our youngest members through their activities. Instead, we have a global pandemic and a national social justice crisis. Over the last few months -- especially this last week -- I've often felt sad, lonely, desperate, impatient, frustrated, annoyed, devastated -- sometimes all in the same moment. And then came Virtual Art Camp.

This week, for a brief, beautiful hour each day, all of my worries and heartache have disappeared. In its place, I was enveloped by a sea of smiling faces: 38 eager children ready to have fun together,  adults who are excited to share their talents and joy with these sweet kids. We laughed. We crafted. We sang and danced with Kara Shay and Joshua at the top our lungs. And we prayed together for a happy day and a peaceful world. At the end of each session, Margo reminded our campers that God loves each of them, no exceptions. As I end each Zoom session, I have to return to the new normal of this time in world history, but I have been fortified by the strength and hope that comes with spending an hour with our kids. I wish that every member of St. Barnabas could have participated in Virtual Art Camp this week. 

It was a testament to the power of St. Barnabas. We may be apart but we are never alone. I leave you with a small glimpse of this week's joy.

Yours in Christ,


P.S. To our beloved regular (and any newly inspired) Art Camp volunteers: I hope you are getting well rested because the Art Camp committee can’t wait to welcome you back next year! We love and miss the energy and enthusiasm that comes with our many generations working and playing together. Our army of volunteers is always loved and appreciated, even in absence.


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