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Adults and Kids Defy Cold Weather With a Winter Warm Up Dinner

by Margo Rapp

On Sunday, January 27, about 33 pajama-clad friends gathered at the home of Erika, Ryan, and Sophie McCoy for a heart warming family dinner of pasta, salads, fruit, and Diane Krumenaker’s famous homemade brownies!

The kids had a blast playing with LEGOs, jumping on basement furniture, and doting on sweet “baby” Aria Minge, age 2. Adults enjoyed a beer or a glass of wine and a chance to hang out and catch up.

As a true extension of the encouraging St. Barnabas community, this is a very inclusive and supportive group who always welcomes new families. Our family dinners are a cherished time to enjoy each other’s company and to continue to build an encouraging community of young families at St Barnabas. While it may have been cold and icy outside, this crew was all warm smiles at the young families Winter Warm Up!

—Margo Rapp Photos

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