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Artist-in-Residence: Erika McCoy

Erika McCoy - Bloom and Brush Studio

This month we are celebrating the gifts of our very own Erika McCoy. Erika, her husband Ryan and their daughter Sophie have been at St. Barnabas since 2015. As our Director of Children and Family Ministries Erika has filled our lives with creativity and love. And now we have an opportunity to see the passion she exudes through her watercolor paintings.

Erika's works were recently selected for the 40th Anniversary Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolor, the Women’s Art Club of Cincinnati Virtual Gallery and the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society Annual Show.

When asked about why she likes working in this medium she expressed: " I love watercolor because I can play with color. Mixing different pigments to create the entire spectrum of color from just a few hues. I love the way the paint moves and flows on the paper and changes as it dries. I love layering to create intensity, depth, and shadow."

"Watercolor has taught me a deep awe for creation. I can spend hours attempting to capture the intricate details of a flower but my work will ALWAYS pale in comparison to the true beauty of each bloom or the way the veins of a petal branch and grow. My faith in an infinitely creative and brilliant creator has grown stronger the more I explore the fibonacci spiral of a shell, or the way a flower opens to the new day, or the effect of sunlight through a leaf."

Erika's installation is up and running at St. Barnabas and we are blessed to have her collection grace our exhibit walls. Take time to visit her website to learn more about Erika and the Bloom and Brush Studio.

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