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Back to Prison: Kairos Updates

There is a Kairos Prison Ministry Weekend planned for March 9th -12th at the Lebanon Correctional Institution.

St. Barnabas has four Kairos volunteers who are preparing for the event. Parishioners who would like to bless the residents of the prison, especially the 42 men who will participate in the weekend, are invited to support the Kairos Ministry and help bring the light of Christ into the prison by:

1. Baking some cookies.

Cookies are given to all the Residents. They are a sign of the many ways God feeds us plus the love that you have for the 42 participants who will likely be spiritually lifted during the Weekend.

2. Praying for the 42 participants that their hearts and minds be open to receiving Christ in their lives.

-Sign the Prayer Vigil so that the participants can see that people on the outside are praying for them around the clock (every hour of the event from the 9th -12th ). The Vigils will be found at the Kairos table in the Great Hall.

-Sign the Prayer Chain links of paper that will form a very long paper chain that designates your prayer(s) for them (First name only). The Prayer Chain is draped around the room as the residents are listening to a talk, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

3. Create a poster, placemat, or decorate a white paper bag that will be used to hold letters from the Kairos volunteers.

If you want to know more, contact Charles Howard.


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