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Backpacks Blessed 2020s Style: Tradition Kept Alive

by Pat Taylor

On Sunday, August 23, cars lined up in the St. Barnabas parking lot to carry out a tradition even Covid-19 couldn’t stop. Families drove past the red doors where the Youth Group greeted them, waved banners, and blew bubbles. They also handed out “God Loves You (No Exceptions)” bracelets.

From there, the car parade drove around the Great Hall to the backlot where the Rev. Jason Leo and Director of Children’s Ministry Erika McCoy were located.

Pastor Jason blessed the backpacks, while Erika handed out care packages containing coloring sheets and information on upcoming events. About 20 backpacks (and people) were blessed including the Youth Group’s backpacks.

David also said that for the Youth Group, this event was important because it allowed the kids to finally see other in person and connect. “I could see the difference between how they are during our Zoom meeting and how they were in person,” he said.

Staff members continue to discuss how to find ways to continue other traditional church events amid the Covid-19 restrictions.


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