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Behold the Butterfly

by Amy Rosenberg

The St. B landscaping team planted some milkweed in the front garden a few years ago. A milkweed plant is a source of nutrition for the monarch butterfly. Caterpillars and monarchs were never seen, though evidence of their feasting was always apparent.

This year, the plant leaves have been eaten, caterpillars spotted, and a monarch just out of the chrysalis was resting nearby! Nature doing what nature does so beautifully!

When asked if she camped out to get such great pictures, Amy Rosenberg said she was “just being attentive. It was fun to see the results as I haven’t been so lucky in years past!”

Milkweed plant sprouting new leaves after a caterpillar feast!

Monarch caterpillars with their distinctive black and yellow strips and black antennae.

Monarch butterfly and empty chrysalis (look for the light beige to the right of the monarch).

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