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Called to Serve Our Own

InReach Ministry at St. Barnabas

A call to serve our own!

St Paul in his letter (I Timothy 5:8) tells us that we are called to take care of our own.

Our InReach Ministry is the answer to this call. We make this happen through the functioning of the many ministries within The InReach Ministry and the many resources the Church provides to build our church community.

  • Our prayer line ministry marks the foundation of members who spend their time praying to keep the church healthy and growing collectively and also for the individual needs of our members. As Jesus said, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matt. 18:19–20.) Prayer, then, is the vehicle whereby we invite His Spirit to be with us.* We have felt his presence as we unite together for prayerful purposes no matter where we are - in our homes, at work or on a vacation. Kirk Murray would be happy to help if you would like to join our group of members or add a prayer request.

  • The prayer shawl ministry prayerfully knits shawls, pocket prayer clothes, and many other symbolic materials when our members/ their loved ones need the comforting presence of God in their lives. More than 500 shawls have touched lives around the world after its set up by a team of members led by Judith Pflaumer and this year alone we have given out over 35 prayer shawls this year alone.

  • The meal ministry provides meals to families whenever support is needed, be it a happy joyful one like a new baby in the family or moving to a new place, or a difficult one such as an illness or a surgery. Whenever life gets overwhelming, our chefs come together to bring you homemade meals to warm your body and soul. For more details on this contact & how you can help connect with Sue Kirkpatrick.

All during these times, birthdays or anniversaries or a special occasion our Card ministry sends out hand written cards to make you feel special as we walk our Christian lives. Susan Crabil started and heads this venture and she has sent out thousands of handwritten cards to our members. Should you like to join this awesome ministry with your creativity please contact Susan Crabil or the StB Inreach ministry for details.

And in Christian life, what begins does have to come to an end and to keep the memories going we have a team who helps with celebrating your life among friends after your passing. The reception ministry helps with funeral receptions in our great Hall making life's circle complete here in this space and time that God has blessed us with. Please email Carolyn Lamping if you like to use your gifts in this ministry.

And when you hear God's call to serve in this ministry at any level, be it a driver to bring meals, or a chef, deck the halls for the reception, or a fiber artist knitting, crocheting or weaving to help with the Prayer Shawl ministry or be the strong praying link to God, or making a altogether new pathway to help our members, contact us by email: & we'll be happy to coordinate!


Ceilia Mathew, Ministry Council Leader for InReach


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