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Captain Kirk Leads Our Prayer Vessel

When Kirk Murray was in the Air Force and achieved the rank of captain, it’s no surprise that everyone called him Captain Kirk. The name needs no explanation, but if you’ve lived in a cave for the past 56 years, Captain Kirk was the chief officer on the Star Trek starship Enterprise.

And to keep up with the futuristic side of both Kirks, Murray worked 24-hour alerts in missile silos, overseeing maintenance on the missiles and ready to launch with a “turn of the key, not push of the button,” he said, in the event of a nuclear attack.

But now, Captain Kirk Murray is leading our Prayer Line. “Our Prayer Line ministry is formed of members who spend their time praying, Kirk explained.

“If you need prayers for members of the church, relatives, friends, neighbors—anyone who comes to our attention,” Kirk said, “we will pray for them.” The Prayer Line prays to keep the church healthy and growing and for the individual needs of members.

You can call the office, call the Rev. Jane, or call Kirk to request prayers. You can also go to our church website and fill out the form, and the Prayer Line will take care of the rest.

“We would also welcome anyone who wants to become a praying member of our group,” Kirk added. “Just let us know. No experience necessary!” (email Kirk at

“George (Rector Emeritus the Rev. Canon George A. Hill III) taught me how to pray,” Kirk said. There are several versions of steps for praying, but the Rev. Hill suggested these four: (1) Adoration, showing great admiration and respect for God, (2) Confession, unburdening one's sins or the state of one's conscience to God. (3) Thanksgiving, the expression of gratitude, especially to God. and (4) Supplication, the act of asking for something humbly.

The Prayer Line has evolved over the years from using phone calls to communicate to using emails. Kirk took over in February of 2022.

“The prayer ministry here at church is great,” Kirk added. “Thirty years ago, when my son was 12, he came down with a life threatening, chronic disease,” Kirk said. “St. Barnabas’ prayed for us and supported us emotionally. Still today, not a week goes by that someone doesn’t tell us, text us or call us, and say they are praying for our son. Prayerful support is so very important to us.”

Kirk said his favorite prayer verses are from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." Kirk explained, "It's the pray- without -ceasing part that's important to me."

Kirk and his wife Debbie have two children, both confirmed at St. Barnabas, and two grandchildren, baptized there. His Father, at age 47, became and Episcopal Priest after he retired from the Air Force as a navigator in World War II.

The Bible makes it clear that prayer is essential. Begin each day with a prayer to God, thanking Him for another day and asking for guidance to cope with the ups and downs that are sure to come. Starting the day with Christ is the best way to put God first and set the day in motion. (from 10 ways to put God first in the modern world)


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