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Caring for Our Building & Grounds

Some of our volunteer Termite crew

We are blessed to have a cadre of volunteer “termites” with an assortment of skills to help keep our church building in good shape. However, there are several outside vendors that we contract with to keep our systems running and in compliance. To help you understand what it takes to keep the doors open, the following is a brief summary.

We have a contract with a HVAC company, Enervise, to maintain our six heat and air conditioning units. Enervise changes filters quarterly and does full maintenance on the systems in early spring and early fall. Note – as a cost savings we have deferred some filter changes due to the facility being closed and the units shut down.

Malloy Roofing inspects our roofs and gutters semi-annually and occasionally is called to repair leaks and flashing problems.

Our elevator, technically called a wheelchair lift, is serviced annually by Tri-State elevator, and must be inspected by the State of Ohio every year.

Koorsen Fire and Security provides an annual check of our fire alarm system and inspects our fire extinguishers and emergency lights. Several extinguishers are usually replaced each year. The City of Montgomery fire inspector conducts an annual inspection and notes any deficiencies that should be addressed. We recently replaced the AED defibrillator pads which expire every couple of years.

Caliber Ground Maintenance is contracted to provide mowing and snow plowing. Caliber also provides a spring and fall clean-up.

The organ and piano are tuned on two separate schedules. The organ has two tuners: Electronics - Sphar; Pipes - Schaedle. The organ is generally tuned twice a year. The piano is tuned by Mr. Roy Peters who tunes it whenever we request it or when an outside group requests to have it tuned, that means the piano is tuned about 4-8 times each year.

We are grateful to these reliable vendors and to each of you for your support to keep our church home prepared for our return.

Thank you, David Browe MCL Building & Grounds


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