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Children Learn Good Earth Stewardship

By Kathy Kugler, Earth Day Chairperson

To celebrate the earth and be good stewards, children of St. Barnabas participated in planting a flower garden that will provide habitat for butterflies and other pollinators. On May 5, we planted two tiarella plants which are perennials, and we planted zinnias and marigolds, which are annuals. Each child received a marigold to take home.

Every day, habitats for birds, pollinators, and wildlife are destroyed and not replaced. These creatures have no place to go. As good stewards of the earth, we are providing habitat. We hope the children of St. Barnabas will do so in their own yards too.

Charles Howard wrote several new verses to the lovely standard, “This Land is Your Land.” He played the guitar and sang while children planted. Good vibes!!

The purpose of our garden is to connect children with stewardship, and it is working. I overheard one of the children say a week later, “Look, there’s the flower I planted!”


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