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Karyn Hutson shares her journey to becoming an Artist.

It all started with an invitation. In the early days of 2022, Karyn said yes to an invitation to try a free art class. This began Karyn’s Epiphany, the manifestation of something inside her waiting to be reborn.

In the Beginning:

When Karyn was attending Ohio State University, she took an elective to fill out her schedule. She chose a painting class and very soon after attending class the professor approached her and told her that she had no talent and asked her why she was taking up a seat in the class of someone who was supposed to be in the art class.

That was it! Karyn put away her brushes and tucked away her painting passion and took on other avenues to fill her creative soul.

All in the Family:

All throughout her life, Karyn knew of her father's artistic ability. Howard Gregory began sketching around the age of 14 and then after a lifetime of nurturing a family and working full time, he retired and came back to his passion for painting. Karyn’s daughter, Katelyn, was also in the talented category and was always enrolled in accelerated art classes throughout her schooling. All along the way, Karyn celebrated their gifts and encouraged them to continue drawing and painting.


In 2022, after she retired, Karyn attended her friend’s free art class and it opened the door to her renewed passion in painting. In her first year of painting, she has created 6 paintings and is constantly thinking about her next project.

During a recent interview, Karyn shared her journey:

When did this fire ignite in you to begin painting?

“The first thing I painted was on our basement wall and I painted it during Covid. James, our son, built a wine room and there was this big cement wall next to it so I said I would order a stencil and then it came and it was too small. So James just said, Mom you can do it , just paint. So the two of us worked in the basement and it was a great time together creating things.”

What do you like to capture in your paintings?

“I realized that I don’t want to paint other people’s images, I want to paint my memories, my pictures. This is for me so I want them to mean something personal to me.”

How often do you paint?

“I paint once a week for 4 hours at my class but I just read somewhere recently that said

that you should paint an hour everyday. You can get faster and fine tune your skills if you paint everyday. I'm going to try and make that a new year’s paint everyday. Every morning when the sun is good I just paint for an hour. We just refinished our basement and I have a room with a window that I think will be the perfect place to paint.”

What goes through your mind when you are painting?

“When I am painting, I think about the picture I am painting and my mind clears and all I think about is the paint and the picture I am creating. Sometimes, I think that I should stop being such a realist and start doing something more free, loosen up and try to be more impressionistic. But I don’t know, maybe this is just who I am.”

What is your favorite thing about painting?

I love it! When I’m painting, it erases everything from my mind and takes me to another place.

“I love it !”

~Karyn Hutson


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