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Exponential Thinking

By Martha Seagram

I heard a talk that I still remember about exponential thinking. Apparently, Fibonacci was a 12th century mathematician who believed in the power of exponential. Rabbits alone could make one a believer – or anyone who has ever grown zucchini!

Do we believe in God’s power of the exponential? Parables certainly teach us that: loaves and fishes feeding 5,000; the mustard seed; God does what seems impossible—healing, loving everyone.

So, a question might be: “Are we settling for less than what God has planned for us?” I’m wondering if I am bringing my gifts into the sun to be nourished. Do I remember to water “my seeds” let alone fertilize? Seeds of faith, seeds of relationships? If the seed He planted is my life, am I allowing God to increase my faith exponentially?

If we combine our gifts to St. Barnabas, exponential things happen. It defies mathematics. Two plus one no longer equals three but rather so much more when two or three are gathered in His name and doing work that honors Him. If you are skeptical, volunteer at Matthew 25 Ministries and become a believer!

I think that believing is easier than trusting. Miracles still take place. Let’s share our miracle stories of exponential thinking. Be a seed scatterer; feed others. We can be more than just consumers.

Think exponentially!

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