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Fall Colors Popping Up at St. B

by Amy Rosenberg

As the seasons change, the gardens change too. With the help of Clark Crabill, Dave Seagram, John Nolan, and Steve Cole, ornamental grasses were split and transplanted, daylilies and lirope as well. We’ve seeded some new grass and protected the magnolia from deer with some screening material. Autumn is a beautiful time of year. Though we are not there in person, caring and tending of our parish grounds continue. Many thanks to the crew this summer and fall season!

Catmint cut back so the myrtle can spread. Ornamental grasses split and transplanted.
Grass sprouting where it was sowed.
Beautiful leaves from the red maple!
Voluntary snapdragons seeds sprouting – remnants of summer 2019!
Deer netting protects the magnolia on the north side of church.


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