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Gardens Grow at Findlay Street

by Kathy Kugler and Margaret Nelsen

Kathy Kugler helped plant a community garden at Findlay Street, and she is showing the neighborhood how to have a healthy, urban garden without pesticides. When the center is able to reopen, we are hoping there will be healthy cooking classes using what has been harvested from this small but productive garden. The kitchen is currently being renovated so it will qualify as a commercial kitchen and can be used for classes, community meals, and food truck owners to prep the food they sell. The renovation is slow, depending on how much money comes in. St. Barnabas is also helping to defray some of the costs. So, thank you to everyone who has contributed to this effort, but especially Kathy and Charlene.

Rolling into early summer Ms. Charlene Mitchell, an employee of Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses, waters newly planted tomatoes:

Ms. Charlene, pointing to the emerging potato plants that Kathy Kugler put in. The straw will continue to be piled up and in no time there will be clean potatoes to eat!

These emerging plants are kale, onion, radishes, and lettuce:


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