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Hearing Assistance during Services

If you are having trouble hearing the spoken word during our services, we have an assistive hearing system to help you out.

St. Barnabas uses an assistive hearing system called AudioFetch.

The system's audio signal contains only those sounds that are picked up by microphones and removes echoes and background noises. This provides for a very clear audio signal.

AudioFetch broadcasts the audio signal over the parish’s WiFi network, and can be received in the Sanctuary via a free app that can be installed on any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.

Users can listen to the service by either plugging headphones or earbuds into the audio jack on their tablet or smartphone, or by sending the audio signal via Bluetooth to paired devices, such as Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

The volume of the broadcast can be user controlled for personal preferences.

Getting Started

Using AudioFetch is a straightforward process much like using other apps on your phone or tablet.

  1. Search for AudioFetch

  2. Download the free AudioFetch app

  3. Connect to the AudioFetchExpress WiFi in your phone’s settings

  4. Open AudioFetch App and start listening!

Download AudioFetch

If you have an iPhone or iPad, please download the free AudioFetch app from the Apple App Store. Either go to the store on your device and search for "AudioFetch" or click the link below.

If you have a smartphone or tablet that uses Android, please download the free AudioFetch app from Google Play Store. Either go to the store on your device and search for "AudioFetch" or click the link below.

Instructions for Listening

Once you've downloaded the app, bring your devices to Church to connect them to our WiFi in the Sanctuary.

Then, you can review these more detailed instructions (PDF) to complete your setup.

If you prefer video instructions, you can check out this how-to video from AudioFetch.

Need Help?

If you need personal assistance before the service, we are happy to help!

If you arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of the service, ask any of our ushers to find Bruce Perlson. Bruce is our AudioFetch expert, and he's happy to help you set up and navigate the app.


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