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IHN Ministry Gives Families A Warm Stay

On Sunday, December 8, parishioners from St. Barnabas will spend an evening at Christ Church Glendale hosting families from Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN). IHN helps find homes and jobs for families in transition. The St. Barnabas Outreach, led by Lisa Elmendorf, hosts families about every other month.

In September, we hosted four families, made up of five adults and five children. Food contributors and dinner hosts included John Nolan, Kara Shay, Larry and Adrienne James, Carolyn Nicholson, Jada Hill, and Lisa Elmendorf.

Lisa remarks, "John and Kara Shay did a bang-up job washing dishes."

Slocomb and some of the youth group spent time with the youth during and after dinner. Carolyn Nicholson and Cindy Blunt served as overnight hosts and got the families up and on the bus Monday morning. Thank you to everyone for all your help!

Our 2020 IHN dates will be:

  • January 12

  • March 8

  • May 10

  • July 12

  • September 13

  • December 6

If you are interested being an IHN volunteer, please contact our IHN ministry leader Lisa Elmendorf or the church office.


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