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Interfaith Hospitality Network Spreads Care and Love with St. Barnabas' Support

by Kathy Kuglar

On an unusually warm January evening, three families and six young children enjoyed some compassion and love from St. Barnabas members and the good folks at Christ Church Glendale through the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN).

Lisa Elmendorf coordinated our efforts and came through as always. Denise and Mike Eck of Christ Church had it all ready and led the way.

Our St. Barnabas food team delivered quality, good food. Our menu included meat lasagna, meatless lasagna, a pasta dish, breads, green beans, fresh salad and cupcakes. The little ones really enjoyed playing games at the table with Carolyn Nicholson.

Food volunteers were: Lisa Elmendorf, Carolyn Nicholson, John Nolan, Susan and Clark Crabill, Jada and Jim Hill, Tom and Sue Kirkpatrick, and Kathy Kugler.

John Nolan and Carolyn Nicholson teamed up for overnight duties.

The little ones enjoyed the games and interaction after dinner with Margot Hammons, Conner McCord, and Slocomb Reed.


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