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It's Time to Get Our Gardens Ready for Winter

by Amy Rosenberg, Landscape Committee Chair

Summer has melted into autumn, and the drought persists in southern Ohio. Sprinklers have been watering the landscaping, and we’ll know if it is helpful next spring! We are grateful for the volunteers who have tended the gardens, trimmed, pruned, watered, and pulled weeds this season.

Special thanks go to Clark Crabill and Steve Cole. These gents have made themselves available for mulching, pruning, and other garden tasks at last minute notice all summer. Many hands make light work, and we rarely worked more than two hours at a time. Clark recently trimmed the day lilies and iris on the south side of the Great Hall while Steve planted four weigela (wee-gel-ee-ah) where once grew knockout roses. Watering weekly will build sustainable roots for next spring.

Special recognition to the Ladies’ Bridge Group and Margaret Nelsen. Their generosity allowed for the purchase of the weigela to enhance the spirea in the front garden of the Great Hall. THANK YOU!

Closer to Thanksgiving, the leaves will be collected, the ornamental grasses trimmed, and hoses put away for the winter. Be sure to tend your gardens before the snow flies.

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