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Jonathan Myrick Daniels, Seminarian and Martyr, 1965

by Pastor Jason Oden

I had never heard of Jonathan Daniels until I started the work of Becoming Beloved Community in our diocese and here at St. Barnabas. Sadly, I still don’t know much about him except that he was martyred during the height of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s while working as an ally with his African-American brothers and sisters to dismantle segregation and racism in America.

It is my goal this week to learn more about Jonathan Myrick Daniels and to be inspired by him in my efforts around Becoming Beloved Community. Below is a link to the assigned readings and collect for Daniels’ feast day, August 14, as well as an article about his life—just in case you want to get know Daniels a little bit better, too.

Leave a comment below and share any information you find! Here's an additional resource from parishioners:

Mr. Daniels was a graduate of Virginia Military Institute.


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