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Josiah's Clicks

Josiah Rajasingh is our Featured Artisan for the month of September. We are proud to share his photography on our exhibit wall, outside the Great Hall doors, and invite you to take time to see his beautiful work.

Josiah recently celebrated his seventeenth birthday and is a Junior at Sycamore High School. His favorite subjects are Science, specifically Biology, with a focus on all things related to nature and the environment.

The Rajasingh Family ~ Raj, Satya, Jeryl and Josiah, joined our church in 2017 and they are all active in several ministries at St. Barnabas. Josiah rings in our handbell choir and is a part of our Acolyte Team and has recently taken on the role of Crucifer. Please join us in welcoming his exhibit throughout the month of September.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Josiah and find out a little bit more about him.

What do you love about photography?

“I love photography because it captures moments in our lives that won't always be with us. When I look back at pictures I have taken, I relive the good memories associated with it.”

What are your favorite things to photograph?

“My favorite things to photograph are birds because, not only do they look nice, they are also not easy to photograph because they move a lot. So when I photograph birds, I feel rewarded because I have been able to capture a challenging and beautiful subject.”

What is your favorite photo of all time?

“My favorite photo is the one I took of a Northern Cardinal sitting in some dry pine branches. I like this photo because I was able to capture many of the small details of the Cardinal since I was able to get close to it. Furthermore, it's red feathers contrast well with the brown background.”

Finally, when asked about his favorite thing about St. Barnabas he replied:

“My favorite thing about St. Barnabas is the many opportunities for volunteering. For example, I was able to volunteer as a photographer for Art Camp and the Christmas Pageant, both of which were very fun experiences for me. I also like the encouragement from everyone to continue my photography.”

In addition to his exhibit, you can follow Josiah’s Clicks on Instagram @Buggboy205 or his mother’s Facebook Page: Satya Rajasingh.

We are thrilled to support Josiah’s passion and celebrate his gifts.


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