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Lent Madness 2022: Laugh & Learn

Join St. Barnabas in learning all about the saints

in the Best Bracket in Town: Lent Madness!

The brainchild of the Rev. Tim Schenck, Lent Madness has partnered with Forward Movement to offer a captivating way to learn about the saints whose lives still touch ours.

Go to for all you need to know to join the fun and learning.

Pick up your own Saintly Scorecard, available Ash Wednesday, in the Great Hall, while supplies last. You can contact the Church office if you would like one delivered to you.

We will follow the Saintly Matchups on a big bracket poster in the Great Hall and mornings at

The fun starts on “Ash Thursday,” March 3, 2022, with the first Saint vs Saint matchup.

Get to know a host of saints, ancient and modern! Learn about the ordinary people God uses to do extraordinary things in this lighthearted devotional with the serious message of God’s love.

Sign up online and download your bracket. The Lent Madness website has all the details.

Join us for a happy Lent tradition!


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