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Major Improvements Made to Church Facility

By David Browe, Ministry Council Leader for Building and Grounds

Several important improvements have been undertaken recently. With approval from the Vestry, new HVAC systems were installed in the office area, undercroft choir room, and adjacent classrooms. These units replaced a failed basement unit and an old inefficient office system. Replacing both systems at the same time provided a cost savings on the crane rental.

The elevator passed its annual inspection and some mechanical improvements were installed at the same time.

Hearing assist systems for the sanctuary are being evaluated by Bruce Perlson. We expect to have a decision by summer.

We have several upcoming projects that will require termite volunteer help. We have an erosion problem in the area of the play set. We are currently evaluating options to correct the drainage in that area of the grounds. Some volunteer labor may be needed to install the appropriate drains and piping.

There is a volunteer sign-up list on the Building and Grounds bulletin board. I periodically e-mail a list of projects to the Termite group or ask for volunteers for a particular project. If you would like to participate, please let me know or add your name to the list.

I would like to recognize Bob Gustafson, “Chief Termite Emeritus” for his continuing assistance in building maintenance and construction details. Bob has a wealth of information about our facility from his years of service.


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