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Old Sign Finds a New Home

By Bob Gustafson and Dave Seagram

Clark Crabill, Bert Nelson, Bob Gustafson, Dave Seagram, and Sachin Mathew

The original St. Barnabas sign, now hanging in the Undercroft, was designed in 1990 by parishioner Tim Zelek. It was recently restored by Dave Seagram.

The original wooden church sign on Montgomery Road was installed in 1991. The funds to pay for the original sign were donated by Ed and Sally Feurelein who were members when the church was built. It remained in service until the spring of 2017 when it was replaced by the current two-sided sign that provides for better visibility and reduced maintenance.

The Vestry approved saving the old wooden sign and having it refurbished as a significant piece of our church history. The work done by the St. Barnabas Termites took several months and was at no expense to the church. The historic sign has now been preserved for the future and is hanging on the south wall of the Undercroft.

Volunteers who helped with engineering input and sweat equity include David Browe, Clark Crabill, Bob Gustafson, Sachin Mathew, Bert Nelson, and Dave Seagram.


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