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Open Yourself to the World: Volunteer at Matthew25:Ministries

St. Barnabas has quite a large contingent of volunteers who spend a morning at Matthew 25 several times a year. Thanks to the efforts of Jada Hill, Ministry Council Leader for Outreach, this mission service has grown.

Photos below, thanks to Ted Mattson and Jada Hill, illustrate the essential role of volunteers in Matthew 25. The donated goods they receive must be sorted, counted, packaged, and put on pallets ready for shipment to various parts of the world. There is a job for everyone!

Volunteering at Matthew 25 can be a great team-building activity, and is also very family friendly. A morning or afternoon’s work will typically produce enough finished materials to help hundreds of people in need in the U.S. and around the world.

The staff will place and train you on a specific workstation when you arrive, based on greatest need and availability of products. Tasks are simple and easy-to-learn, and many can be adapted to fit a variety of ability levels.

They now offer a sensory-friendly room where families can volunteer together in a space that is safe and enjoyable for all family members, including those with special needs.

Global Village Tour

Part of the volunteer experience includes a tour of the Global Village—a life-size recreation of disaster scenes and poverty in the U.S. and developing countries. This educational component gives guests a better understanding of the places they help and how their work is making a difference. (From the Matthew 25 Kenwood location website)


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