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Our Abundant Life Together: Building Upgrades

As we gear up for our annual Parish workday, we thought there is no better time to reflect on all of the important behind the scenes work we have accomplished throughout the past year. Let's celebrate all the hard work that has gone into keeping our building beautiful and thriving!

Thanks to the unwavering support of our parishioners, we've been able to make some major updates, including a brand new roof, top-of-the-line HVAC systems, and insulation installation in the hallways and library.

In June, three new HVAC units were installed on the church, one for the undercroft area below the Sanctuary and two on the roof above the great hall and chapel. With this installation complete, we now have all six units replaced with more energy efficient and reliable systems that should provide years of service.

We couldn't have done it without the help of our dedicated team of "termites" and the incredible David Browe, our buildings and grounds ministry leader.

As we gather this Sunday for our Hearts and Hands Parish Workday, we invite you to grab your tools and let's show some love to our beloved Church. We hope to see you there!


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