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Sprucing Up St. B

Over the last few months, several groups have taken full advantage of our staff working remotely and groups meeting digitally, and used the time to spruce up several areas around St. Barnabas.

As our staff is growing, so is our need for more office space. The corner of the sacristy has been converted into a permanent office. (Some will remember this is the former home of Ft. Jason's office.) Our current plan is to move our communication director, Nicole, to this new office. The middle room in our office will become a flexible working space for our children and youth directors, Erika and Dave, when they hold office hours. It could also be used for (small) meetings.

A huge thank you goes to the dedicated "Termite" group that worked many hours to make this office renovation happen. John Byrne, Clark Crabill, John Nolan, John Spellman, Warren Bamford, Bob Gustafson, Dave Seagram, David Browe, and Steve Cole all contributed. Due to Covid restrictions, we spaced out the various tasks and our crew rotated in and out based on their particular skill sets. We are blessed to have such a talented crew willing to donate their time and talents!

You may notice some smaller changes around St. Barnabas as well. We are in the process of updating some of our signage around the building, to make our spaces more welcoming and friendly. Several of our closets and storage spaces got a good spring cleaning, and our hallways on the main level also got a fresh coat of paint last fall.

In October, our Termites installed a new water heater, and in June 2020, we installed energy efficient LED lighting as well as some other spring projects.

Thanks to all of our volunteers for keeping our beloved building in great shape!

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