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St. Barnabas in 2060: The Endowment and Barnabas Legacy Circle

by Kate Davis and Nancy Nolan

As St. Barnabas reflects on its 40th year anniversary and all the church as accomplished, we have a unique opportunity to consider: what will St. Barnabas look like over the next 40 years—in 2060? Who will the church be serving, and how?

Did you know that a gift to the St. Barnabas Endowment Fund can ensure a spiritual home for our community, our families, and our friends, into the future?

St. Barnabas established the church’s endowment fund in 2014, designed to generate income to sustain our church long into the future.

We like to say that those who contribute to the endowment fund plant trees under whose shade they will never sit. St. Barnabas wants to nurture our next generations, keeping in mind the needs of our many parishioners into the future.

Parishioners have donated to the fund since its inception in 2014, and it has grown to over $75,000! Once the fund reaches $100,000, the Endowment Committee will recommend to the Vestry that they may begin to spend up to 5% of the interest in the fund for projects that will enable the parish to fulfill its mission more completely (i.e., special ministries that would otherwise not have sufficient funding). In addition, six St. Barnabas families have already notified the committee that they have named St. Barnabas in their will – to create their legacy!

Those who remember St. Barnabas in their will or contribute to the Endowment Fund become members of the Barnabas Legacy Circle and have their names listed in a legacy book.

St. Barnabas is here for you now. Our goal? For St. Barnabas to be here for your children and their families, for many years to come.

Would you be interested in helping to provide for the future of St. Barnabas, securing your legacy in the process?

Gifts to the St. Barnabas Endowment Fund are in addition to regular annual pledges, and are managed by professional institutional investors. Only the interest and appreciation from the endowment is spent for projects at the discretion of the Vestry. This ensures that there will always be funds to support St. Barnabas into the future.

Endowment giving is much more than estate planning. Consider a gift of any amount to the endowment to celebrate the milestones in your life, a family event, or to honor someone special.

If you are interested in learning more about the Barnabas Legacy Circle, please contact Tom Kirkpatrick, Endowment Chair, or any member of the committee. Gifts may also be made anonymously, at the election of the donor. For 2020, our goal is to raise $40,000 to celebrate our 40th anniversary; so please join us in making a gift or future pledge to the endowment today!!

Thank you for helping to make St. Barnabas a community of encouragement, whose members support personal and spiritual growth; who reach out to those in need; and where our children are nurtured toward a life in Christ.

“Am I one who builds with care,

in order to make the world a little better- because I was there?”

- excerpted from “The Builder,” a poem by David Sandy

Committee Members:

Kate Davis

Cilla Bamford

John Byrne

Pam Skinner

Tom Kirkpatrick, Chair

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