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Team Leadership for a Hopeful Future

Hands of team members meet in the center
Photo by Hannah Busing via Unsplash

During the early years of the pandemic, St. Barnabas took a “try and do” approach to growth and connection. We began livestreaming services; we developed our “Pew Pals” groups. We tried many other ideas—it was a time of tremendous exploration for individual ministries.

In 2022, under the leadership Rev. Jane, St. Barnabas is taking a more strategic and collaborative approach to enriching our parish experience and impact.

New ministry teams, new strategies

We believe that God is calling us to move into the future sharing God’s love in new and creative ways.

At Forward Journey, the annual retreat for Vestry and Ministry Council Leaders, we discussed alignment with purpose and ways we could better achieve our goals through teaming.

St. Barnabas is a “hands-on” parish, and we share our love through engagement. To foster this engagement throughout the coming year, participants left the retreat in one of three groups (Growth, Outreach, Parish Life Connections) and started the process of building cross-functional and inclusive teams to continue the work started at the retreat.

These teams are still in the early stages of forming. If you’d like to join with your energy and talent, please let us know, and we'll connect you with the team leaders!

Meet our new teams

The three teams are working together to develop goals and plans for the coming year.


Meets quarterly

Goals include: Development of a new church management system, creation of welcome videos, live-streaming and sound system upgrades, brand guidelines, and a marketing plan. Working to discern new growth initiatives in partnership with Vestry.

Leaders include: Dave Seagram, Joey Maiocco, Della Rucker


Meets monthly

Goals include: Development of new leaders and volunteers for outreach ministries, communication about outreach opportunities, and strengthening and clarifying our parish outreach partnerships.

Leaders include: Matt Krumanaker, Lisa Elmendorf, John Nolan


Meets quarterly

Goals include: Loving and supporting our parishioners and learning and growing together through the development of small groups, new formation offerings, and responding to parish InReach needs.

Leaders include: Celia Mathews, Kara Shay Thomson, Tara Pettit, Brad Thomson

Established teams look to the future

Our previously established Financial Team continues to do good work. This team formed in late 2021 out of an educational series to the Vestry and has worked on the roofing capital project and our parish land assets. It is now working on investing our assets and developing a gift policy to benefit future generations of our parish.

Our Strategic Planning Team (SPOD) is also looking to the future. We are researching organizational growth theory. We want to learn what contributes to growth, how growth is measured, and what is the “right” kind of growth to focus on?

St. Barnabas is blessed to be in a position of strength now to look into the future and ask “Where will we go?” and “How will we get there?” We have the grace and time in 2022 to build teams and envision a future with hope.

Join a team

As we move confidently forward to align with our purpose, please ask yourself what gifts you have that can help St. Barnabas and the community.

The beauty of “teaming” is we have the opportunity to amplify our individual skills by working together towards common goals!

Would you like to join us? Fill out our Time & Talent Survey to let us know how you'd like to get involved, or contact us to join a team.

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