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Termites Build Ramp for St. B Family

by Kara Shay Thomson, MCL for InReach Ministry

The red doors may be closed, but our hearts and hands are still serving our St. Barnabas family.

In May, we were able to provide a temporary ramp to the home of members Jim and Nancy Boude. Through David Browe’s connection with PWC - People Working Cooperatively - they helped us provide a temporary ramp at an extremely discounted rate thanks to their association with companies who serve those in need.

Nancy returned home after an extended stay in rehab during the midst of the initial Covid-19 pandemic. Nancy is regaining her strength and the temporary ramp granted mobility to medical appointments and a breath of fresh air on the front porch.

Once it was determined that a more permanent solution was needed, David Browe designed, ordered materials, and put together a team of our Termites to construct a handicap ramp in the garage. This ramp will allow Jim and Nancy to regain independence and guarantee a weather safe mobility solution for all their future needs.

With great gratitude to David Browe, John Nolan, Warren Bamford, Bert Nelson for their time and talent on this project. I was humbled to build alongside these men as they worked in extreme heat and fully masked to abide by Covid-19 health and safety measures.

This gift would not have been possible without Pastor Nancy’s blessing and your generous donations to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. The generosity of our St. Barnabas community never ceases to amaze me.

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