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Termites Remove Classroom Walls to Make More Room for Growing Class Sizes

David Browe and Margo Rapp Contributed to this Article

The Godly Play classes have been bursting at the seams for the entire school year, since there’s been a large increase in children and families that has created the best kind of problem—a need for more space. Godly Play involves time for the children to spread out and work quietly on the floor. There wasn't enough room for all of the kids to participate properly. Last August, it became clear that the small classrooms would be a problem.

The Termites came to the rescue! Several Termite volunteers spent a couple of days removing two interior walls to enlarge classroom space in the undercroft. Aaron Van Camp, Bob Gustafson, Warren Bamford, John Nolan, Dave Seagram, Bert Nelson, John Spellman, John Byrne, and David Browe removed drywall and wall studs and prepared the openings for repainting. Everything should be ready for the resumption of classes in August.

This project is an answer to our church school teachers’ prayers! It will give them two more large size classrooms. One will be used for kindergarten and first grade Godly Play. The other class will be used for Holy Communion class from August to November and GPX (Godly Play Extension) for second and third graders the rest of the year. They will continue to use the large classroom which was previously the nursery for preschool-aged Godly Play students. Altogether, that makes three large classrooms for church school students age three years through third grade. There are often up to 30 kids in this age group. This will allow plenty of space (double what was there before) for kids to spread out and do Godly Play as it is intended.

David Browe, and the entire congregation, sends thanks to all who helped with the wall removal and clean-up. Special thanks to John Spellman for his expert drywall taping and mud application.


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