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The Other Talk

by Tom Kirkpatrick

The Endowment Committee is hosting an educational session on Sunday, March 17 at 11:30 a.m. with Anne Burney from Lenox Wealth Management titled The Other Talk, based on a book by Tim Prosch, The Other Talk: A Boomer's guide to talking with your family about the rest of your life.

Anne will discuss the need and benefit for individuals who are 60+ to have “the other talk" with their family and children. Topics include wills, estate plans, financials, housing with aging (at home, assisted living, retirement community), medical care, socialization, and end-of-life planning. Anne will give special focus to the reality of people living into their 90s and beyond.

This talk will be of value to two groups at St. Barnabas: adult parishioners with older parents who have not had discussions about aging or these issues, and older parishioners who have not yet met with their adult children to discuss these issues.

Anne Burney, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA®) Anne has been working with Lenox clients for more than 26 years in various roles. She brings over 36 years of investment management and brokerage industry experience to her role as Wealth Advisor. Among her current specialties are helping families think about, plan for, and navigate their elder care, as well as estate and legacy planning needs. She is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA).

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