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Touchdown! Youth Chili Sale a Fundraising Victory

Wow, we had a great chili sale this year! Our youth raised $750 to help our backyard mission this summer, thanks to your support and their hard work.

We hope our work will not only benefit those we serve in the community this summer, but will also give all the Bengals fans in our congregation some extra energy for cheering on our team in the Super Bowl.

Thank you to everyone who participated. An undertaking like this is truly a team effort!

A special thank you to the following people:

  • Alexander, Grace, Christopher, Josiah and Sophie all helped prepare the delicious chili Saturday night, packaging it for the Sunday sale.

  • Josiah, Joshua and Marius also helped sell the chili on Sunday morning, including watching the table and keeping things organized and cleaned up afterwards.

  • Sophie also helped promote the chili sale on Sunday while also assisting with Godly Play.

  • Kathy Caldwell tirelessly collected the ingredients and also helped prepare the chili on Saturday night and helped run the table on Sunday morning.

  • Stuart Caldwell made our awesome Bengals-themed sign to draw in more customers.

  • Everyone who purchased chili to support our mission!

We had wonderful results with this years sale, having tried out home deliveries and pre-orders for the first time. All in all, the chili sale was an AMAZING success, making $100 more than we expected.

We are grateful for everyone who bought chili or donated to the youth group for the summer backyard mission trip. Enjoy the pictures, and enjoy your chili on game day. Who dey?


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