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Volunteers Contribute to Growing Children and Youth Ministry

On Sunday, September 8, we gave thanks for our church members who have given of their time, talent, and resources to build our Children and Youth Ministries.

Godly Play!

Godly Play is a Montessori-based curriculum which helps our children explore their faith through story, to gain religious language and to enhance their spiritual experience through wonder and play.

Pastor Nancy brought this amazing program to our children four years ago. Godly Play has been the calling card of our Children's Ministry and has been one of our greatest assets for growing our Families with Young Children.

With the addition of the Godly Play furniture we dedicated on Sunday, we now have one of the most comprehensive Godly Play programs in the Diocese of Southern Ohio.

We are growing!

Through our volunteer network and giving, we are able to support 52 weeks a year of Godly Play classes for nursery through 3rd grade. Our attendance has increased to the point where we needed larger classrooms, and our Termites and volunteers just completed a renovation of our entire classrooms, nursery through senior high.

We had more than 55 volunteer hours this summer… we lost count! We are so thrilled to show off our new rooms and to have this day to thank all of our volunteers who made this transformation and our year-long ministry possible.

Pictured top to bottom, left to right: Older Godly Play room, Godly Play Extension/Holy Communion room, 4th-5th Grade room, Jr High room, Sr High room.

Blessings and Gratitude

At the end of the service, Pastor Nancy gave a blessing for our newly renovated rooms, our new Godly Play furniture, and gave thanks to our volunteers who make this ministry possible.

Thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time over the summer!


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