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Weather the Storm

by John Davies, Senior Warden

It can be difficult to find the “good” in certain situations. One can easily make that case about the current situation we are all facing.

One of the most unsettling aspects of the current situation is the unknown. This uncertainty can allow our minds and emotions to run rampant creating all sorts of scenarios regarding “what might happen.” For me personally, this becomes stressful, exhausting and not a very good use of my time, my mind, or my heart. As such, I try to remind myself in times of unsolvable uncertainty to focus on what I do know.

Some things I do know:

  • I should focus on what is truly important – in “normal” times, I stress about what to eat for lunch, the fact I am running late to church (again), or where to park. Not very important stuff. Many things might be “taken away” from me for some time going forward, but what cannot be taken from me is the love and fellowship I am blessed to share with my family, friends, and the St. Barnabas community. John 4.7 reminds me of what’s important.

  • I will lean on and strengthen my faith – I sometimes fall into the trap of believing I have “everything under control”. In times of uncertainty or crisis, I am forced to admit to the reality that that feeling of my comfortable control is largely a mirage. In times of unsettling uncertainty, I am clearly reminded that I need something that is not constantly moving, something that is not unknown, something I can count on, a “rock”. Psalm 62 points me in the right direction.

  • I will ultimately experience people pulling together and witness the “goodness” of humanity show through – whether the result of tornadoes, terrorism, or other crisis, I have experienced families, friends, and strangers come to the all too obvious, but often forgotten, revelation that we are all in this together. In doing so, we lift each other, we comfort each other and we truly live as Peter taught in 1 Peter 3.8. For at least some period of time we will be limited in our ability to literally come together, but we will not be limited to pull together in spirit and technology.

I have no idea what the coming days and weeks will bring. It will likely be filled with turbulent waters. My experience has been that “stormy waters make for strong sailors”. I do not doubt that we will ultimately successfully weather the storm finding calm waters leading to a safe harbor. We will do this together. Maybe not in the ways we are accustomed to being together on Sundays or at others times during the week, but by finding new ways to stay connected, to focus on what’s important, to strengthen our faith, and to be providers and witnesses of the “goodness” of humanity.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Stay safe and stay connected.

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