St. Barnabas, Montgomery, is looking for a Rector to join our family who will celebrate our thriving Children and Youth Ministries, compassionately provide pastoral care, treasure the beauty and ritual of our music ministry, and believe in our credo that “God Loves You No Exceptions.”

We would like our new Rector to be:

A Spiritual Visionary

  • who speaks from his or her heart when delivering intellectually and spiritually inspiring messages

  • who is grounded in the Anglican principles of scripture, tradition, and reason

  • who guides our individual and collective spiritual growth, advocates for social justice and inclusion and challenges us to live the message of Jesus Christ our Lord

A Charismatic Communicator 

  • who encourages us to be approachable, open-minded, honest, fair and respectful of others

  • who listens faithfully and responds thoughtfully with compassion, candor and humor

  • who challenges us to develop our creativity while energizing a strong corps of active parishioners

  • who enthusiastically embraces new ideas and is comfortable with a virtual ministry in the post-COVID world

A Compassionate Motivator

  • who through their actions and words models the priority of pastoral care

  • who guides us to discern our gifts and talents for leadership and service

  • who encourages heartfelt generosity to financially support our ministries

A Responsible Administrator  

  • who is a sound decision maker and ensures the transparent and wise stewardship of parish assets

  • who works closely with the staff and effectively manages administrative personnel

  • who shepherds the Vestry and Lay Leadership to support our Program Church model and Strategic Planning initiatives

Our congregation enjoys worshipping together and we truly like one another.  We look forward to welcoming a priest who will help us continue to be a caring faith community and we pray that God will be with us as we call our next Rector.

To apply, visit episcopaliansinconnection.org/job-opportunities. All files uploaded should be in .pdf format.