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Guiding Lights

A St. Barnabas Episcopal Church Community-Created Art Installation

Instructions for folding stars

Thank you for helping us fold stars! We're hoping to create more than 700 stars. For detailed instructions, please watch the video on this page or view it on YouTube.  

A review of the folding process:

  1. Halves - With the gold side down, fold in half along each axis.

  2. Envelope - Fold the bottom up on each side.

  3. Beak - Make a diagonal fold from adjacent sides.

  4. Flower - Bring the outside edges up to form a cup shape, then gently flatten.

  5. Arms - Flip the star so the unpainted portion is face down. Then make the arms by folding each edge of the central pentagon in half. Remember to unfold and re-tuck the last one. 


  • If you watch on YouTube, you can adjust the speed in the video settings to watch in slow-motion.

  • It's ok if your edges aren't perfect. The papers have variation since they're hand-cut.

Please drop off either completed stars or unused papers in the Church Office as soon as possible, but by Monday, January 31 at the latest. You can put them in the bag on the Comms Office door.

About the Installation

During Epiphany, we tell the story of how a star led the magi to Christ. We celebrate that even in the depths of winter, in the darkest season of the year, stars are shining, helping us find our way. 

As we look to the future, which can seem at turns bright with opportunity and shrouded in uncertainty, we are called to find our own north star. What will be our guiding light as we celebrate a new chapter in our shared ministry?

Each star in these paired mobiles represents a hope, a dream, a vision for a bright future for St. Barnabas, for our communities and our world. 

We invite you to consider: What is your guiding light? What are the lights that guide St. Barnabas as we embark on this new leg of our journey together? 

Although, like the magi, we may find ourselves embarking on  a journey where we're uncertain of our final destination, together, these stars and their intentions will shine brightly, guiding us into uncharted territories with love and grace. 


A heartfelt thank you to the artists whose contributions brought this work to life:

  • Dick & Merrily Davis

  • Sarah Davis

  • Rev. Pam Fairley

  • Susan Fronek*

  • Rev. Jane Gerdsen

  • Wendy & Bob Gustafson

  • Laura Leigh Hahn

  • The Havera Family

  • The Hlavac Family

  • Joyce Hotz

  • Frank Jaklic

  • Pierce Leavell

  • Ali & Zig Main

  • The Mathew Family

  • The Mattson Family

  • Erika McCoy

  • Sophie McCoy

  • Cherry Perlson

  • Jeryl Ramasamy

  • Amy Rosenberg

  • Charlotte Salay

  • Satya Thanaseelan 

  • Andrew Volk*

* Family members of the lead artist

And to everyone not named here who graciously contributed: Thank you!

Lead artist, Stephanie Ewing

Stephanie is a mixed media artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She specializes in using reclaimed materials and traditional media in unconventional ways. Her work is mostly non-objective and incorporates elements of painting and sculpture to playfully explore ideas of liminality, mindfulness and sacredness. When she's not creating art, Stephanie is the Communications Director at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church.  

About St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

ST BARNABAS LOGO-nobackground.jpg

St. Barnabas is an Episcopal Church in Montgomery, Ohio.


We believe that whoever you are, and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. We seek and encourage deeper relationships with God and our neighbors, especially through vibrant and spirit-inspired ministries in our communities.

To find out more, visit

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