Virtual Tour of Pompeii, Secrets of the Buried City

12:00 pm (Virtual Tour), 1:15 (St. B. Zoom)

Tired of being at home? This month, we’ll travel to Pompeii via a live tour/presentation with an archeologist. After it concludes, we’ll start a St. Barnabas Zoom session to talk about the “trip” and socialize.

From the tour site:

“Journey into the heart of the Pompeiian city and the daily life of its occupants who for two millennia have been buried beneath ashes and shrouded in mystery. Spend the hour with a leading archeologist guide as they bring to life the purpose, meaning, and conceptions of the most famed city along the Adriatic Sea, its sudden demise, as well as the fascinating rites and rituals of its enigmatic people.”

Sign up for the 1/30 12:00pm virtual tour on the tour website (below). The cost is $10.

Virtual Tour of Pompeii, Secrets of the Buried City | Walks (takewalks.com)

The Zoom meeting will start at 1:15 pm, after the tour is finished. All are welcome to join the Zoom call, regardless of participation in the tour.

Let me know if you need help with sign-up or have questions. I hope to see you on the 30th!

Contact Tara Pettit (tara.a.pettit@gmail.com) if you have questions or did not receive the e-mail.

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