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The Journey
That Saved Curious George: The True Wartime Escape of
Margaret and H.A. Rey.

Louise Borden

Imagine our world without the famous little monkey Curious George!

He's a character that so many of us have grown up with, and like George, all of us are curious about the world in varying ways. Sometimes our explorations as kids and adults lead to hilarious mishaps or inspiring adventures. Sometimes our curiosity can change the world in amazing ways.

As a writer of children's books, I went on my own journey of antics and adventures in piecing together the long ago and unknown story of Margret and H. A. Rey's wartime escape from Paris in June of 1940.

Like George, I turned new corners and met new people who helped me. I traveled to exciting new places and learned new skills.

In the end, everything seemed to turn out well...just as it does for George.

Now, because of my curiosity, you, too, and everyone else, can know about the Reys' life story before they became famous and successful children's book creators. You can learn about George's first early escapes in The Journey That Saved Curious George.

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