InReach works within the framework of the ministry of Jesus Christ to provide care to those facing life's spiritual, emotional, and physical challenges. Using church and community resources, this ministry responds to real-life needs through lay-led care teams supported by our rector. We offer confidential compassion in times of need as well as creating a web of multi-generational support to all of our members and their families.

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Kara Shay Thomson

Ministry Council Leader

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Pastoral Care

Clergy responds to individuals or situations requiring personal pastoral care, encouragement, or assistance.

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Parishioner InReach Support

Provides delivered meals, driving to appointments, and encouraging cards to individuals or families during challenging times in parishioners' lives.

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Funeral Receptions

Provides funeral reception planning and arrangements. Coordinates with the family and the church office.

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Prayer Line

The Prayer line provides prayers for individuals for whom prayers have been requested. The prayer line offers healing, care, and encouragement.

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Prayer Shawls

We knit prayer shawls and squares to give comfort and healing to those suffering physically or emotionally.

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Columbarium Trustees

Provide help and assistance to those seeking a place where ashes may rest in peace and dignity.

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Eucharistic Visitors

Holy Communion delivered by trained and licensed ministers to those requesting a home or hospital visit.

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Parish Health Ministry

Parish Health Ministry is a movement encouraging churches to renew their role in health care, by promoting health, preventing disease, responding to crisis, and emphasizing a holistic approach to wellness and health care.