Author Talk: Is It All Right to be Human? by Chuck Burroughs

Chuck Burroughs has struggled his whole life with Central Auditory Processing Disorder and multiple other mental disorders.

Burroughs was raised in Franklin, OH, and suffered a harsh, unyielding father and teachers, and classmates who didn’t understand his intellectual limitations. In addition, he attended strict fundamentalist churches that promoted the idea of perfection before God, which sparked a severe bout of obsessive-compulsive disorder with which he still struggles today.

​Eventually, Burroughs taught himself to read, graduated from high school and went off to college in Oregon, where he married, had a family, and started a successful construction business. He studied many religious disciplines before finally finding his own understanding of the Bible.

Amazingly, at the age of 81, Burroughs has written his memoir, which tells how he managed to tame his various disabilities, find joy in life, and learn to help others suffering from similar emotional and mental difficulties. Hear the author talk about his life at a presentation to include a brief video, readings from his book, and time for questions.

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To learn more about the author, go to www.chuckburroughs.net

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