Why Wisdom

When people are asked what is missing in their lives, certainly wisdom would top the list. Why is it missing? What is it? Can it even be attained? And will wisdom really solve anything?

These are the questions we will examine together as we seek to better understand wisdom and its place in our world. Excitingly, there is increased evidence that both individuals and humankind in general can actually become wiser. We will explore together the notion of wisdom from different perspectives and examine various possibilities for developing wisdom—understanding that becoming “wise” may not be the point of the journey…

​All ages welcome! This is a great chance for families to experience growth together. Childcare will also be available. We'll have a light lunch, and we'll meet in the St. Barnabas Library.

Rick Warm, MBA PhD, is a coach, consultant, and the director of the Center for Wisdom and Leadership in Cincinnati, OH. Rick’s work with OLLI is well known and his extensive world view brings a fresh outlook to our St. Barnabas community.

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