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Flat Joe: Super Bowl Edition

The Bengals are going to the Super Bowl, and the greater Cincinnati community has been coming together to support them!

If you're lucky enough to travel to Los Angeles to watch the big game, congratulations! But even if you are sticking around the Queen City to watch the game, we invite you to participate in a beloved St. Barnabas tradition, now with a festive football spin.

Meet Flat Joe (no relation to the Bengals quarterback):

The one, the only: Flat Joe!

Who is Flat Joe?

Even if Flat Joe can't be in L.A., he's happy to cheer for the Bengals from your home.

Before St. Barnabas was the sainted figure who lent his name to our church, he was Joseph.

When Joe sold all his goods and gave the money to Jesus' apostles in Jerusalem, they gave him a new name: Barnabas, which means 'son of consolation' or 'man of encouragement.'

Flat Joe, much like the children's character, Flat Stanley, is a drawing on a flat sheet of paper who has been printed out, decorated and traveled with children and grown-ups from St. Barnabas since at least 2015.

He has enjoyed summer vacations, adventures near and far, and has even kept members of the church company while the building was closed in 2020.

Who Dey?

With his already striped coat and hopeful smile, it looks like Flat Joe is eager to become a member of Who Dey Nation.

Join members of St. Barnabas in cheering on the Bengals to victory. Print out and color a copy of Flat Joe--perhaps in orange and black--and snap a picture of him rooting for the home team, getting ready for the game or attending your Super Bowl festivities!

Use hashtags #ShowYourStripesStB and #WeAreStB to share your Flat Joe photos on social media, or email pics to

Download a copy of Flat Joe and show us your stripes, St. Barnabas!

Flat Joe
Download PDF • 519KB

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