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As we prepare for the final days of Holy Week, we are so grateful for all of the crosses adorning our Gallery Wall.  The final crosses have been added and your stories continue to inspire all of us.


This simple silver cross was worn on a chain by Kirk Murray’s father. 

“My father became an Episcopal Priest after he retired from a career in the Air Force. This is the cross he wore through seminary and as a priest.  Simple but meaningful.  He died at age 59 and I have had this cross hanging on our wall since then.”



This small wooden cross comes from Jorge Tameron.  This is a cross from his childhood which belonged to his grandparents.  “It was always located over our front door”.


We would like to display the crosses through Easter Day.  Following Sunday, you are free to return your crosses to your homes. You have been so gracious to loan your treasured family crosses as well as sharing how meaningful they have been to you. 


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