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4 Days in Prison

"Four weeks ago a friend from St. Barnabas church said he heard I was a minister. I told him I was. He then told me there was an organization that needed my help. I said okay. Opening this door led me to spend four days in….prison. Welcome to Kairos"

"Kairos is a Christian Prison Ministry that seeks to help prisoners find hope through a relationship with Christ. When John Spellman, Mark Stockman, myself and our friend and leader, Charles Howard, first met the inmates they seemed distant. After all, these people were put in prison for all types of crimes including vehicular manslaughter and murder. Over the course of the four days they heard testimonials, personal witnessing and a set program. By the last day, many tears had been shed, many cookies eaten and many inmates professed love for their fellow participants, volunteers and Jesus. The transformation was remarkable. Absolutely remarkable. I gave many of them hugs and all of them handshakes and encouragement. I am so glad I listened to the call of the Holy Spirit and went through “the door”."

~St. Barnabas Member~ Pierce Leavell

The St. Barnabas Kairos Prison Ministry is deeply grateful for the support and prayers from the St. Barnabas Community. Our community contributed 210 dozen cookies and an extraordinary amount of prayers. The Kairos Weekend was an event blessed by the Holy Spirit's presence and 42 prison resident participants all celebrated openly their new life in Christ Jesus.

Yours in Christ,

Charles Howard

Kairos Prison Ministry Leader

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Loading the Truck

Sorting banana boxes full of cookies

9000+ Dozen cookies

Vivian and Pierce working on an art project

Cookies baked and ready to go

Charles Howard sharing his music


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